Tyres tyres tyres.

If you’ve been reading about my London to Paris bike ride, you might recall that I had originally thought I’d be doing it on my mountain bike, but that I’d now been lent a different bike by a friend, that seemed like it might be more suitable. All my recent training rides have been on Bob’s bike, a Jamis Citizen. It’s not a road bike, but a hybrid that’s lighter in weight and has slightly more road-like dimensions than my Raleigh Apex. It’s smooth, and it’s been a nice ride.

But whenever I get on it it takes a good while before it really feels comfortable. I’ve mentioned before that it took quite a bit of tweaking before it felt right for me, and that the width – and height – of the handlebars just doesn’t feel familiar.  And then I get back on mine, and I immediately feel at home.

Much as I wanted to stay at work all night, my bike needed to go home for its tea.
My Trusty Steed

So I’m now reconsidering, and may well end up doing the ride on my trusty Pink Raleigh, despite the extra weight and smaller wheels. I will most certainly need to change the tyres for something slick and thin, but I’ve already established that I’ll want to do that sooner or later, so I figured why not do it now.

And so I’ve been researching tyres again. The Schwalbe Marathon range looks good, but is pricey. Then there’s the Continental Ultra Gatorskin, or the Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick, or, or… about a million and one other choices. Where does one start?!

Perhaps a trip to my local independent bike shop who can fit them and give the bike a decent service while they’ve got it.

UPDATE: I’ve just ordered a pair of Continental City Contact tyres to fit myself. Oh, and some mudguards. Yes, the bike will still need a service before I ride it to Paris, but I can change the tyres and fit mudguards without paying out for someone else to do it for me.


4 thoughts on “Tyres tyres tyres.

  1. Theresa

    why don’t you try have a chat with Jem Burke, in Great Ashby? He specialises in all things bicycle…just a thought?

    1. Trevor Post author

      Yes, Jem’s serviced my bike a couple of times in the past, and I was chatting to him about it today. Sadly his “Bicycle-SOS” has had to finish, as they are in the midst of moving to Surrey.

  2. Theresa

    Thanks for letting me know they are moving, I must get in touch with them!! Anyway, hope you manage to get a decent service for a decent price!

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