Sorry you’re leaving

Things are beginning to change around the office: people are starting to leave already. It hadn’t really occured to me that folk would get out quite so soon; the office isn’t closing until the end of June 2011, and most of us who are going will want to be gone before the end of March 2011 (to get the current Civil Service redundancy package) but those who are leaving this week must have handed in their notice just about as soon as they could after the announcement was made. And I’m not just talking about colleagues who were nearing retirement anyway – there are people leaving who I’d have thought were in a similar position to me. Who will need to find something else. Just goes to demonstrate that we’re all different in our approach.

Photo by scherre on Flickr

It also illustrates the fact that the office is changing. These are people with long Land Registry careers behind them and they’re gone. Just like that. It must be funny leaving now. Usually when someone leaves there’s a collection, a gift, sometimes a bit of a leaving do, but as people start to leave on mass I guess that just won’t happen in the same way. And the longer you stay, the less people are left to contribute and say goodbye. It’ll be odd when the time comes.


What do *you* think?

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