This one’s not about cycling.

My last cycle ride was nearly a week ago. I’ve not had (or made?) the chance to get out since, and it looks unlikely I’ll get out until after the weekend. Shame.

So what’s been taking up my time? The Parent Teacher Association of my wife’s school (St Nicholas, Stevenage) used to regularly put on a cabaret as a fund-raiser, but the last one was five years ago. Until this year. And it’s no surprise to hear that I’ve got myself fully involved. And so I type this from backstage part-way through the dress rehearsal. I’ve just come off stage after singing my duet, and I’m in a total of nine of the twenty acts. Songs, dances, and sketches.

The show’s on Friday and Saturday, and I understand that there are still some tickets available. It’d be great if it filled up; it’s a fun – if very amateur –  show and the £5 ticket fee goes to a good cause (the school). There’s also a bar!

So do come along. Let me know how many tickets you want, or contact the School office on 01438 352706.

Go on: you just know you want to see me dance in fishnets.


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