Another cycling update. Now with new-fangled gadget!

At last I hit 20 miles today. 22.8 to be precise. And how can I be so sure?

After mentioning in a previous post that I’ve been plotting my routes manually, my friend Andy, who’s organised this whole London to Paris thing, offered the use of his “old” Garmin Edge 305 cycle GPS thingummy. I say “old”; it looks pretty new to me, but he’s upgraded to a 705 so this one was kicking around gathering dust.

Even better than that, tonight he came up to town to join me on a ride. Seeing as he’s just done the whole Paris route “to test it out”, I couldn’t really get away with a ten mile job and call that “a ride”, so I vaguely planned something that I thought would be 20-25 miles. And before we set off, he attached his Garmin 305 to Bob’s bike and set it up for me. (Read: turned it on.)

And so for the first time I present a map that’s properly plotted using GPS data and therefore hopefully more accurate than all my maps to date:

And what a lovely ride it was. Hard work in places, but rewarded with some splendid views and that lovely hill between miles 18 and 20 on the uppy-downy chart above. Oh, and I learned something from a more experienced cyclist today. You don’t need to pedal down the hills. Sounds pretty obvious really, but up until now I’ve used downward stretched to build up speed by getting into my highest hear and pedalling like mad. By doing that I’ve missed lots of opportunities to save energy for when I need it.

Thanks Andy. Hope we can do it again.

The oh-so-exciting stats:

Distance: 22.8 miles
Riding time: 1hr 52min.
Average speed: 12.16mph
Top speed: 30.19mph
Twitter updates sent: None!


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