It’s those Fairland Valley Spartans again.

Now here’s a thing: I mentioned the other day that I’d got frustrated by some runners blocking the cycle path.

And here’s another thing: I have a search set up on Twitter for mentions of Stevenage, and if people do mention it I take a look to see if they seem to be local, and follow them if they are.

Well I got an email a couple of evenings ago which can only be the result of those two things working in tandem.

Hi Trevor,

I saw you’d started following me on Twitter and checked out your blog.

I’m the treasurer for Fairlands Valley Spartans and would like to offer an apology on behalf of the club. Keeping the cycle paths clear is something that is reiterated to our members at regular intervals but unfortunately standards can slip at times.

We have several groups that go out on a Thursday, where on your route did you encounter the runners and I can try and work out which group it was and have a word with the respective coach. I shall also get announcements made to everyone before the next few training sessions. Once again, sorry for our members cluttering the cycle paths and please accept my apologies.

Kind Regards,


So how about that. I’d mentioned that I might send a letter of complaint, but thanks to the power of the internet – and social networking in particular – the apology came before I’d even gotten round to doing it.

That’s like some kind of magic, that is.


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