Mudguards, badgers, and chocolate.

A bank holiday Friday. The ideal opportunity to get out for a daytime ride for a change. So why I ended up going out at about twenty past six this evening I’m not sure. But I’m sure glad I went, because it was a lovely ride, during which I discovered a couple of things.

  • The Hertfordshire countryside looks delightful in the evening sunshine. Next time I’ll take a camera.
  • Mudguards are fantastic things. Whoever decided, a couple of decades ago I think, that they were merely an optional accessory was bonkers. Thanks, Bob, for having some fitted to your bike. I’ll certainly be getting some for mine before too long.

Anyway, it turned out to be another 18 mile job, somewhat unplanned but I actually lost track of where I was for a while: I hadn’t meant to go quite as far south as Codicote.

This is where I ended up going:

And as you can see this was a bit more hilly than the last couple of rides:

Oh, and in case you’re thinking I have one of those fancy GPS things that tracks my route and plots it on a map for me, you’re mistaken; when I get home I plot these things manually. I’m sure hoping that someone else on the London to Paris ride will have one to plot our route. (Although if anyone’s in a generous mood, you now know what I’d like to find in my Easter Egg.)

Todays fascinating stats and factoids:

Distance: 18.84 miles
Riding time: 1hr 22min.
Average speed: 13.7mph
Top speed: 34.5mph (Wheeeeee!)
Wildlife note: I saw my first ever badger*
Twitter updates sent: just the one, at my eleven mile water break.

On a completely separate note, I had one of these tonight, and it was delicious:

Photo by Dom on Chocablog

Possibly even nicer than the Tonka bar I mentioned before. Although the reviewer on Chocablog wasn’t particularly keen on this one. (Oh, and if you happen to read this, Dom, you’ll see I’ve pinched your photo. Hope that’s okay.)  Well done,Thornton’s, you’re doing a great range of interesting chocolates here.

(*The badger was dead on a grass verge, but it was still the first one I’ve ever seen.)

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