Out on Bob’s bike at last

It wasn’t a long ride – just 6.4 miles – but this evening I finally managed to get out for a ride on my friend Bob’s bike. It was way back at the end of November that he lent it to me, so it really was about time.

I’m pretty sure the bike feels a bit faster, in that the transmission of power from pedal to tarmac seems more efficient somehow. However the transmission of power from me to the pedals seems less efficient. It’s a different riding position: a much more ‘upright’ bike than mine, so it might just need some getting used to, or adjusting, but on first ride I can’t be certain whether I’d be better with it or my trusty Raleigh Apex.

It’s also a while since I’ve done a proper training ride, so I might just need to build back up again. And the ride to Paris is only three months away so I really should be building up my distances a bit now. My friend Andy, who’s organising the trip, is as we speak half way to Paris doing a trial run to check out the route. (He’s blogging after each day’s ride here.)

For what it’s worth, this was this evening’s route:

And the boring stats:

Distance: 6.4 miles
Riding time: 27 min
Average speed: 13.8 mph (the same as my last big ride on my own bike)
Top speed: 22.5 mph


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