A decision with many factors.

Still the office is filled with discussion, speculation, and decisions. Well, not that many decisions yet, I guess.

This seems like stating the obvious, but it’s been interesting to realise how every single person is unique. We all have our own opinions on the situation we find ourselves in, and more significantly we all have our own unique circumstances. What seems clear to one person may be far from clear for another, even if on the surface their circumstances are similar.

So, for each of us, the decision to redeploy to Peterborough or to take the redundancy is dependent on any number of factors. Family is a major one, but there’s also age, experience, health, confidence, length of service and probably many more that don’t come to mind just now.

I’m one of many with “about 20-25 years” of Land Registration behind me. And, like many, it’s just a job I drifted into. I can’t say I have any special interest in the job, it’s just what I do. But even if that’s the case, and even if I’m keen to change, it’s still been a part of my life for 22 years. That’s more than half of my life. It’s part of who I am. I’ve known most of my colleagues for that long. And that’s why the thought of changing is a daunting prospect, however appealing it may be.

Round and round and round and round and…

We’ve had our “support packs” now, with letters giving us estimates for our redundancy package and some details of the support we’ll have available. Of course I’m not going to put figures on here – I understand that talking about money is not the done thing in polite society (mind you, this is the internet. Does that count?) – but I can’t deny that I was very pleased with the figure that I’ve been quoted. Significantly better than I’d let myself expect. But it doesn’t change the fact that I will still need to be earning a salary.

And I still don’t know what I want to do.

We have what seems like plenty of time to decide. But I expect the next year will feel like it passes very quickly.


2 thoughts on “A decision with many factors.

  1. Jill

    You have summed up the situation nicely Trevor, and I love the picture which illustrates the insides of our heads at the moment!!

    The more options I explore, the clearer it is all becoming to me. Just be brave and think about what you really enjoy doing (and I don’t mean drinking Earl Grey & eating chocolate!!), and try and turn those thoughts into something tangilble. Try this website – http://www.hcsprovek.co.uk/hcs which has loads of free advice available as you live in the Herts/Beds area.


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