Less than 24 hours

Seventeen hours, to be precise. Until we know.

Funny thing is, having spent a few weeks fed up of all the waiting, just wanting to know, I’m now suddenly nervous about what we’re going to hear. Either way. But none the less I don’t want to hear it second hand so I have made arrangements to leave my son with someone and go in to the office especially.

Whether I’ll manage to post the news quickly remains to be seen, as I’ll have to get back to my son immediately afterwards and won’t have internet access for a while, but I should manage a tweet by text if nothing else. If you’re following this blog on a feed reader you won’t see it, but if you’re viewing the site directly my latest tweets show up somewhere on the right.

Until tomorrow, then…


4 thoughts on “Less than 24 hours

  1. SouthernSod

    Good luck to all offices, those closing and those yet to find out. It will be a bad few years for the Registry I feel.

  2. mrdevey

    Tick tock. Looks like [name removed]’s out too. Good riddance. The hatchet man’s done his job…

    [Edited to remove director’s name. Don’t want stuff on here until it’s confirmed. Hope you understand. TC.]


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