And now for something completely different…

Right, that’s quite enough Land Registry talk for the time being. Or at least until we hear something concrete about what’s happening.

In the meantime, it’s about time I returned to one of my other subjects: cycling. You may have forgotten as it’s so long since I mentioned it, but in June I’ll be cycling from London to Paris to raise money for James Whale Kidney Cancer Care.  Yes, that’s right. Cycling. On a bicycle. Pedalling. All the way. All this way, to be specific:

  • Day 1: London to Boulogne sur Mer – 75 miles
  • Day 2: Boulogne sur Mer to Abbeville 51 miles
  • Day 3: Abbeville to Beauvais 55 miles
  • Day 4: Beauvais to Paris – 46 Miles
  • .

    The longest I’ve ridden before was London to Brighton, which I seem to recall was about a 60-mile route. And that was about 18 years ago. I was probably much fitter then. So day one of the route to Paris will be my longest ever ride, immediately foll0wed by three more long rides on the following days, so no time to recover in between. Please sponsor me.

    The weather is beginning to improve and it looks like I’ll finally be getting some chances to go out on some proper training rides. This weekend would have been ideal but my Mum and Mum-in-law were both staying for the weekend it it might not have been fair to leave them, so here’s hoping for continued sunshine. I’ve still not even managed to get out for a proper ride on the bike I’ve borrowed for the ride, and I’m getting itchy feet now.

    So here’s a moment of blatant begging. PLEASE SPONSOR ME.


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