Just the facts, ma’am.

Well what an interesting day yesterday turned out to be. Seems my blog has attracted a bit of attention.

Having been contacted by the union in the morning (see previous post) I had an email from management at lunchtime. It was a friendly request to “tone it down a bit” just in case anything could be construed as bringing Land Registry into disrepute. Now, I don’t see that anything I’ve put on here could be taken as such, but none the less I’m fully aware that “bringing Land Registry into disrepute” can be considered gross professional misconduct and lead to disciplinary action, and you can be certain I wouldn’t want that.

And so, stepping neatly into line, I’ve agreed that I’ll not delve any further into speculation and rumour and stick to just what’s been officially announced from now on. Just in case.

Incidentally, if anyone reading does think I’ve said anything that really could get me into trouble, please do let me know.


What do *you* think?

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