Blog name short-list

Well, not so much a short-list in the normal sense, as I’ve not done any selection – this is simply a list of all the suggestions I’ve had so far. It is a fairly short list, mind you.
  • Hey Trev, How Are You? (Inspired by this photo)
  • Yesterday, Today and a Little of Tommorow
  • Coultart’s Conundrums
  • A glass of wine and chocolate brownies
  • New Roads
  • Boy; undecided
  • Trevor’s Tantalising Titbits
  • Trevor’s Troublesome Titbits
  • Trev’s Ramblings
  • The Juggling Judge’s Journey! (Technical problem – I’m not a judge!)
  • The Musings of a Magistrate
  • Trevor’s Tales
  • Talk
I’m not necessarily going to choose any of these, but they are giving me ideas. I’m still open to new ideas, too.
It’s also been nice to have had a couple of votes of confidence for A Work in Progress. And a specific request: “Please do not call it Trevor Coultart’s Blog“.  I quite agree.


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