Land Registry Board: What’s going on?

Okay, so since publishing yesterday’s post I’ve been in to the office and found out what’s going on. Or, at least, a little of what’s going on. The resignation of a long-standing board member is still not officially confirmed by any communication to staff, but seems to be being treated as “common knowledge” at Stevenage Office and also elsewhere; although curiously not everywhere. The person I originally heard it from certainly has what seems to be a very reliable source (someone who works with the director in question).

There are also rumours – though so far these really do seem to be only rumours – of a further two board-level resignations. If true, I can’t help wondering if there’s as much uncertainty at board level as there is down here.

At a local level, I can’t help but notice that Stevenage’s Area Manager is due to be on leave next week. I wonder if he’s waiting to be told to cancel so he can make the announcment.  [EDIT: on Friday at lunchtime, he told he he hadn’t.]


4 thoughts on “Land Registry Board: What’s going on?

  1. The Naughty Norf

    To be honest old lad….who cares what is going on at the top?..they should have all gone a very long time ago. Amatuers running an amatuer organisation. What we need or want to know is how much we are getting and when!

  2. BusyLizzie

    Peterborough’s been told today – nothing before Wednesday … but no guarantees it will be Wednesday or any time soon …


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