Office rumours, speculation, and a delay

Disclaimer: This is just a “rumour and speculation” post. None of what follows is confirmed, and I don’t know any original sources.

So, this announcement, then. The one I thought might be coming on Thursday. What’s it going to say? We’re hoping that whatever it says, there will be no more uncertainty. We’re hoping that we’ll know exactly which offices are closing, and when. And which Civil Service redundancy scheme we’ll qualify under. (If any?)

Image from ArchangelVer1 on Flickr

I mentioned last time that one of the rumours doing the rounds is that maybe one of the five offices under threat of closure might stay open, to retain a Land Registry presence in the South East.  What I didn’t say before is that the office I’ve most often heard mentioned in that context is Croydon. And since then I’ve heard of another bit of detail circulating: that Head Office will relocate from Central London — you’ve guessed it — into the Croydon Office. I have heard that one directly from someone who works at Head Office, but that doesn’t make it any  more authoritative. It simply means that the same rumour that’s going round at Stevenage is also going round at Head Office.

But one thing we do know now: the announcement won’t be this week. An all-staff email from the HR director today said that it’s not possible to make the announcement this week. I’ve not seen the email, because I don’t work on Tuesdays, but I understand their blaming the treasury ministers.

More waiting, then.

(PS: Any rumours you’ve heard of that I haven’t? Let me know in the comments!)


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