How to present the news.

Hey, look, I know I already pumped out a link to this on twitter and such, but I just came across it again and thought I’d bung it on here too. Just to make sure a few more people get to see it, you understand.

Ladies and Gentlemen; the inimitable Charlie Brooker, on how to present a news story.

Just brilliant.

(Thanks to Bishop Alan Wilson for the reminder!)


3 thoughts on “How to present the news.

  1. Ru_Andrson

    Hmm i can see why some laugh and some dont get it . to be funnny im told somethig should be 5% true – as opposed to 100% acurate.I think this is closser to the latter!
    Now – any takers on “reality series /doc-u-drama” formulas and how they differ (or dont ) from childrens TV?!


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