Still waiting. But maybe not for too much longer…

The Public Consultation about Land Registry closures ended at the end of January, and our new Chief Executive has said that the final decision must be announced by the end of March.

And so we wait. Rumours, as always, are rumbling around pretty much constantly. About what, if anything, may change from the proposals. About whether one of the five offices marked for closure might be saved. And, if so, which one. About whether the identity of the two further offices for closure in the next phase of the transformation process will be revealed. And of course about the timing of everything.

Photos by Richard Bishop.
(And in case you’re not familiar with it, that big green thing in the skip is the Land Registry logo.)

I’d assumed, from my growing position of cynicism, that they’d leave the announcement to the last possible moment, but an email today has suggested that things might be fairly imminent.

“Yesterday there was an adjournment debate about Land Registry’s ATP proposals in Westminster Hall.

Our Minister, Michael Wills, in response to questions from MPs requested their patience for “a few more days”. We have received a number of emails today seeking clarification on this.

I can confirm that the Land Registry Board following consultation with staff and the trade unions, has made its decisions on the form and shape of the ATP and has provided recommendations to Ministers and Treasury for clearance. We are waiting for their approvals and we will be in a position to advise an announcement date once we have received their responses.”

See that? “…the Land Registry Board … has made its decisions…”. Just some rubber stamping to get through by the sound of it. And I now here that there’s a rumour going round that the announcement may be coming as soon as next Wednesday…

I’ll believe it when I hear it.

In the meantime, I have some other news of my own… but that’s a subject for another post.


One thought on “Still waiting. But maybe not for too much longer…

  1. Annime

    I am hoping that any imminent announcement will make clear the proposals in the ATP including which offices will close in the future. It is not fair on the staff in the offices not announced for closure last October to have to wait another two years to hear of their fate. Forewarned is forearmed and we all have families and responsibilities that need to be dealt with if our office is the one to close. Early notification will make it easier for us to put plans in place. With the surprise exit of the Chief Executive followed very closely with the imminent departure of his sidekick there are I am sure some unpleasant surprises in store. I think it is fair to say the powers that be have got out while the going is good. My support goes out to all of my colleagues in offices already announced for closure and the rest of us await our fate!


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