This post is longer than 140 characters

Just a bit of housekeeping on here really. Most of what I say online these days just goes on Twitter. The 140 character limit makes for a very different kind of update than the limitless space I have here, and I’ve really enjoyed using it. but sometimes you just want to say more.

So the plan is that I’ll us this more often. Whenever I post a new thing on here a link gets sent to Twitter anyway. When I find something funny or thought-provoking online, for example, I used to post it here, but nowadays tend to just tweet it (yes, I’ve started calling them tweets. Shoot me now). But it occurred to me that this is actually a better place than Twitter or Facebook for a lot of these things, because stuff on there just gets lost in the fullness of time. Whatever’s on here is archived and searchable. So little links to YouTube videos and the like are going to come back on to here.

If you’re a regular – and observant – visitor, you may have noticed that I’ve sorted everything on here out into subjects. See, over there on the right – there’s a list of things I’ve written about. So now if you want to find all my posts on cycling, for example, you can just click on the list and it will filter them for you. Simples!

Filing Cabinet – Photo by mightymightymatze on Flickr


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