Back on my bike for first time since October

I have been on my bike since October, but only to get to work and back. It’s just been too damn cold, and too damn dark, to find any opportunities to get out training. But my ride to Paris is in June; that’s only four months away. I really need to start some proper training soon.

And today I at least had the chance to get out. Not a conventional training run, I grant you: we had some library books to take back, so instead of just popping round the corner to the Stevenage Old Town library, we decided to venture as far as Knebworth. And so, suitably kitted out for warmth, my son took happily to his seat on the back of my bike, and off we set. I’ve mentioned before that riding with a passenger feels very different because of the weight and the centre of gravity. This time I also had a backpack full of library books. Even worse. I never normally carry anything on my back, but the child seat means the panniers aren’t much use.

There’s quite a hill on the way to Knebworth (check out between miles 3 and 4 on the elevation below) and with the extra weight it was one of the very rare times I found myself in my very lowest gear. But thankfully I and my bike made it to Knebworth Library in one piece. The library wasn’t actually open when we arrived, so we popped round the corner to visit some friends for a cuppa and a chat, which was lovely. Then back to the library for another quick stop until, new  books on board (lightweight ones!), we headed off home.

My son fell asleep at about the nine mile mark. I wished I could do the same.

Today’s dull stats:
Distance: 10.76 miles
Riding time: 1 hr 2 min
Average speed: 10.3mph (Must try this route without childseat and backpack!)
Top speed: 25.1 mph (coming back down that hill)

A very comfortable sleeping position.


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