Having fun with formspring.me

You know me. Always finding new things to get up to online. Blogging here,  Flickr, Facebook, Twitter; all linked together to present a sort of electronic version of me. (Every time I post a new photo on Flickr, or a new article on here, Twitter gets an automatic update, and everything on Twitter gets sent straight to Facebook.)

Well if you already follow me on any of those you’ll have noticed another thing I’ve been having fun with lately: formspring.me. It’s a simple website that allows people to ask me questions anonymously. And slowly the questions have been coming in. I don’t usually know who’s asked them (well, that’s the point) and I have no way of knowing who – if anyone! – reads my answers. But I do try to answer them all. Though right now there are still a couple in my inbox I’ve not got round to yet.

I’ve had daft questions, silly questions, personal questions, and – occasionally – serious questions. And it’s been fun so far.

It’s a very basic service, and could do with a few more functions: I don’t think there’s any way to be notified if your question’s been answered, for example; you just have to go back and look. And I can’t put links in answers, which is often frustrating. Nor can I go back and edit answers, so if I let a typo through, it’s stuck there to embarrass me. But the site is in its infancy and these things may improve with time.

Despite this, it’s fun. Why not ask me a question?

Update: September 2010. I had a bit of fun with Formspring, but eventually decided I couldn’t be bothered with it any more, so I’ve closed my account with the service. So don’t expect the links above to work any more!


2 thoughts on “Having fun with formspring.me

  1. Abcdefg

    uhm you can post links in your answers. You can get notified through your email . After you post something , you can edit it .

    1. Trevor Post author

      Aha. Good to hear they’ve updated things. I’ll have to have another proper look. (Not been using it as much lately.)


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