Still a work in progress?

I named this blog “A Work in Progress” when it was focussed on my spiritual life. And although my spiritual life still gets the occasional mention, there’s no denying that this has moved on. This really is a place for anything that takes my fancy. Anything that I feel like mentioning. And that won’t fit in twitter’s 140 character limit.

And although I do still feel like my life is a Work in Progress, I’ve come to realise that so is everyone else’s.

I’m looking for a new name for this site. So far I’ve only come up with really, really dull stuff; “Trevor Coultart’s Blog” and the like. See, dull.

Anyone fancy making a suggestion?

(Oh, and a word about comments. You may have come here via a link from twitter or facebook, but if you’re going to comment please do it here rather than there. Just helps me keep track of things. Just click on the “comment” link below; you don’t need to register or anything.)


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