Stevenage gets (slightly) funky.

In a sudden and dramatic departure for this blog, here’s a shop review. Well, at least, a shop mention.

A couple of weeks ago Old Town Vintage appeared – perhaps unsurprisingly – in the Old Town. In Baker Street, to be precise. You know, that bit that joins the High Street to Middle Row.  Next to Coda Music, if you must know. Anyway, I’ve never had the chance to pop in until today, and when I finally did I was delighted to find such a funky and quirky little shop here in Stevenage. We’re not exactly renowned for our funk.

Old Town Vintage
Stevenage funk.

If you like finding something a bit different, this could well be the place to find it. It’s tiny, but packed full of lovely things. Clothes male and female, a little jewellery selection, and a fine selection of leather jackets. I have to confess to not buying anything today, but then I’m skint as always. (Was sorely tempted by one shirt, but it was probably too small in any case.) Well, I told them I’d mention it to people, so here’s my mention.

It’s definitely worth a visit. If nothing else just to marvel at the funkiest wallpaper I have ever seen. Anywhere. She got it off ebay, apparently.

Old Town Vintage
Blouses and that.

Old Town Vintage
Shirts and that. Badly out of focus.


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