Cycling update. Sort of.

Oops: I’ve not written anything here for over three weeks.

Photo: Chris Blakeley on Flickr.

Which means you’ll all be wondering how my cycling training is going. Well, to be frank: November is no month for cycling. It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s wet. Cold and dark I can cope with – but wet is simply no fun. And so I’ve not been on a proper training ride since the last one I wrote about.

I’ve still been cycling to work, of course, which is good discipline but hardly counts as training at less that two miles each way.

But there is news on my cycle ride. Firstly, fundraising has been going great so far. To date I’ve raised over £700 in sponsorship. I need to reach at least £1000, but the ride’s not till June so I’m more than confident that I’ll get there and hopeful that I’ll raise a lot more. In fact, if you’re reading this you really should donate right now.  Thanks.

And secondly, I’ve just taken up the offer of the loan of a bicycle. I was assuming I’d be riding London to Paris on my trusty Raleigh Apex. I bought it in 1992, and at the time remember thinking how amazingly lightweight it was. I guess it must have just been lighter than my previous bicycle, because by today’s standards it seems pretty heavy. It’s also designed as an off-road bike so has 26″ wheels, wide tyres, off road gearing, and so on. I’d planned to change the tyres for something slimmer and slicker, and take as much off as I could to cut down the weight, and it would have done me fine. But when a friend offered me the loan of a road bike, how could I resist?

So today I tried it out, and it seems to suit me fine. It’s a Jamis Citizen, a few years old. I’d not heard of the Jamis brand before this afternoon, but it seems to be pretty good to my novice eyes, and in any case it’s a more appropriate bicycle for a long road ride than my Raleigh. Bigger, slimmer wheels; higher gears; much lighter weight. I think it’ll go a lot faster.

It’s sitting in my garage now. As soon as I’ve made few adjustments, and fitted my cycle computer, I’m off for a ride.

As long as the rain stays off, that is.

Photo: eir@si on Flickr


4 thoughts on “Cycling update. Sort of.

  1. Andreas

    Congratulations on your fundraising but keep it up on the cycling front, it’s very possible to keep cycling through the winter, just get yourself some nice warm socks, waterproof cycling jacket, some mudguards and your off!

    1. Trevor Post author

      Thanks for your comment.

      Waterproof jacket? You forgot to mention waterproof trousers, shoes, gloves etc. I have all these things for the ride to work, but it’s still not what I’d call fun. And visibility through rainy glasses isn’t great either.

      1. Andreas

        Ah very organised!
        I’ve heard of a few cyclists talking about the rainy glasses problem. Not heard of anyone come up with any solid solutions though.


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