Biggleswade to Stevenage is mostly uphill, I’ve discovered.

You remember I said that the nice thing about going uphill is that you always know a downhill stretch is on its way? Well, that only applies if you’re on a circular route. Today’s ride was not a circular route. 

We were going to Biggleswade this afternoon (for an NCT Nearly New Sale, as it happens) so I popped the bicycle in the back of the car with the plan to ride it back home. The nice weather stayed with us, so my plan went ahead.

I didn’t want to just come down the A1, so planned out a route beforehand and very nearly managed to stick to it. Here’s the route I actually took: 


And as you can see from the altitude chart, it was a lot more up than down. The climbs were never too steep thankfully, and apart from a refreshment stop after ten miles (a very tasty apple!) I made it all the way without getting off.


A couple of things I’ve learned today: 

  • Some cars just like to drive too close. 
  • When you put your bike in the car, and remember at the last minute to put your helmet in too, it’s easy to forget to take your helmet out before your wife drives away.
  • I could do with some proper cycling shorts.

And here are the boring stats:

Distance: 18.6 miles
Riding time: 1 hr 20 min
Average speed: 13.8 mph
Top speed: 30.6 mph (very briefly!)

This evening my legs are aching.


One thought on “Biggleswade to Stevenage is mostly uphill, I’ve discovered.

  1. Phil Groom

    If you happen to cycle via Langford again, feel free to stop off and say hi to us at the vicarage. I can use any excuse to stop whatever I’m doing for a coffee break 🙂

    Remember, if it was mostly uphill from Biggleswade to Stevenage, then it’ll be mostly downhill the other way — and you could always take the train back!

    If you pass through on a Friday morning, they serve excellent coffee & cakes at the church hall.

    Happy pedalling!


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