Internet, meet real life. Real life, meet internet.

I had a great example today of how social networking sites really do have a down to earth practical real life application. Towards the end of yesterday’s bicycle ride I passed a branch of Halfords, and nearly popped in to have a look at their range of cycle computers. My old one had died a few years back, and now I was riding properly again I fancied picking up a replacement. But I also didn’t want to interrupt my ride, so I sped past thinking I could easily look them up online.

I checked when I got home. They stock quite a range, as you’d expect, starting from £9.99 up to a couple of hundred for those with GPS. But this one caught my eye:


£24.99 reduced to £10! That’s less than half price. I’ll have that, I thought. So I clicked on that “check stock in my local store” link and entered my postcode.

Stevenage = 0.
Hitchin = 0.
Letchworth = 0.
Luton = in stock.

Great. The nearest ones in stock were in Luton. I’m very unlikely to be in Luton any time soon, and I wasn’t going to make a special journey. Oh, and Halfords’ site wouldn’t let me order in for home delivery, only to reserve it for collection.

But today I was thinking it over and thought I’d give something a try. And so this afternoon I posted this as my status on twitter:

Anyone on here easily get to the Luton branch of Halfords without going to far out of your way?

(And my twitter status automatically updates my facebook status, so it was on there, too.)

Within about five minutes, I was amazed to see this:

Yep. 5 minutes from work.

Yes, one of my twitter contacts, who lives in Stevenage, happens to work in Luton. And so began a quick exchange of messages, which led me to reserving the cycle computer online for collection at Luton, John picking it up on his way home from work, and me popping round to his house this evening to collect it from him.

Brilliant. I love it when stuff like that just works out.

(PS: In case you’re wondering, I gave John cash.)


One thought on “Internet, meet real life. Real life, meet internet.

  1. T

    good to see “real” life working out!! But it’s true, the internet is great!! Wud hardly ever be able to chat to my family overseas if it wasn’t for MSN, etc….


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