Out on my bicycle again.

And so five days later, another opportunity for a ride. I wondered about doing the same route to see if I could get round a bit quicker, but decided instead to go a bit further.

Nearly home.

And so I headed out onto country lanes for a twelve mile trek. And what a trek it was. Harder than last week’s ride: after a small initial drop, I had four solid miles uphill. And worse, it was against the wind. Still the nice thing about going uphill is you know there’s got to be a downhill somewhere on the journey, and sure enough when it came it was lovely, as I’d also turned the corner and had the wind in my favour too. The roads were narrower and more winding, so I couldn’t just go flat out, but still it was great fun. And then a jolly pootle through town to get back home. (The last part of my ride was actually the very familiar route home from work, as I went right past my office.)

Also in cycling news: I’ve signed up to join a friend on a charity ride from London to Paris next year. It’s over three days, so about 70-80 miles a day. It’s nine months away, but I need to raise at least £1000 to take part. If you read this, please sponsor me: I’ve set up a page over at JustGiving to make it easy for you. Just click here – and don’t forget your credit card. Thanks.

I wonder if this is going to become exclusively a cycling blog for a while?

Picture 2
Today’s route map thanks to mapmyride.com

Picture 3
And the ups and downs of the journey.


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