Yahoo’s daunting list of questions.

Here’s the full text of yahoo’s email in response to my question. (See here for context.)
This is what I sent to Yahoo:
I am trying to ascertain why certain emails are marked as spam
when received by yahoo or BT accounts.

My primary email address is [XXXXX], and I am the owner of the domain I became aware that occasionally emails sent from that domain were not being recieved by contacts, and the common criteria appears to be that contacts using yahoo or BT addresses were not seeing my emails as they were being marked as spam.

It occured to me that as a flickr user I had this yahoo address, so sent a test email to see what would happen, and sure enough yahoo considered it to be spam and sent it straight to the spam folder. I need to find out EXACTLY what it is about the email that your system thinks is spam, as it is rather frustrating. I have reproduced the headers below.

Please confirm why this message was marked as spam.

And this is their response:
Dear Mr.Coultart,

Thanks for writing to Yahoo! UKIE Customer Care.

We appreciate your email, and understand that sometimes messages being filtered to the Bulk Mail folder might be better delivered to the Inbox.

We have designed the following application process to help us determine where your email is most appropriately delivered. We ask that you provide responsive, complete and truthful information. Please note that by submitting this information to Yahoo!, you agree to adhere to the Yahoo! Terms of Service (TOS). You may review the TOS by visiting:

In addition, this application process is not a guarantee for delivery too ur users? Inbox. Do keep in mind that if Yahoo! is made aware of any indication that your answers are false or inaccurate, we may, in our sole discretion, take appropriate action, including but not limited to directing email to the Bulk Mail folder and refusing to evaluate any future questionnaire submissions for a period of six months.

Furthermore, Yahoo! constantly monitors customer feedback pertaining to mail coming from your IP addresses. This will also influence where your
mail is most appropriately delivered.

To begin this application process, we would appreciate you taking the time to provide us with the information requested below.

1. Do you rent, lease, buy or otherwise obtain email lists from companies, individuals, organizations, or websites (other than those you own) that do not indicate that the customer will be subscribed to this specific email list? If yes, do you explicitly send to the email addresses on the acquired lists an opt-in email to your email lists? If yes, please attach an example of this email.

2. How do you verify that the true owner of the email address that you have obtained has subscribed to your list?

3. If you send email for other companies (i.e., as an ASP), please provide us with your standards for accepting your clients’ email lists.

4. Does your company accept email lists that have been rented, leased, or bought? If no, how do you ensure this? If you receive complaints about a specific client, what action is taken?

5. Do you rent, lease, sell or otherwise give email lists to other companies, individuals, or organizations that do not provide notice to the email users that they will be subscribed to the buyer’s specific email list?

6. How frequently do you send mailings in a given month? If you are an ASP, what is your average client mailing frequency over the past six months?

7. What are your policies pertaining to both soft and hard bounces?

a. Do you remove email addresses from your list if emails to them bounce?

b. How many bounced emails are required before you consider the email address to be inactive and subject to removal from your list?

c. After an email address reaches your bounce limit, how long (i.e.,minutes, hours, etc.) does it typically take to remove the email address from your list?

8. If a user unsubscribes from your email list, how long (i.e., minutes,hours, etc.) does it typically take to remove the email address from your list?

9. If a user unsubscribes from your email list, what happens to that email address in your database?

10. Please cut and paste a copy (as opposed to sending an attachment) an example of your most recent mailing to a Yahoo! Mail account (preferably
one that was delivered to the Bulk Mail folder).

11. Please provide all the IP addresses from which your mailings are sent.

12. Please provide the From address(es) in the mailings you send.

13. Please provide the URL of your web site.

14. Please provide the URL of your Privacy Policy.

15. Please provide the URL of the site at which users opt-in to receive your mailings.

16. Finally, please provide the following contact information:
* Company name and postal address
* Key contacts: Names, email addresses, phone numbers, titles
* A contact email address that we can reach you for important service announcements. Ideally, this email address would not go to a specific person, but instead go to a position.

Please forward this information to:

We appreciate your assistance. Yahoo! will evaluate and monitor your submission for a minimum of fourteen days to make sure that your messages are delivered to the appropriate Yahoo! Mail folder. Once we have completed our evaluation we will notify you of our results.

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.


Customer Care – Yahoo! UK & Ireland


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