My first proper cycle ride in ages

I’ve cycled all my life. Not sure I could ever really call myself a “cyclist”, but I do enjoy being on a bike and recently got frustrated that I only ever seem to use it to get to work and back. 

 Much as I wanted to stay at work all night, my bike needed to go home for its tea.
My bike in its usual mode – locked in the bike-shed at work

So I said to myself that I’d ride more often, and that I’d start to ride for pleasure and for fitness. Finding time to do so isn’t easy, but today an opportunity presented itself: I got home from work to an empty house and the knowledge that the rest of the family wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours. And so after a quick change, I set off.

After five minutes solid pedalling (my ride to work is about four minutes), I was knackered.  But I soldiered on, and once I’d been going about fifteen minutes I was really enjoying myself. So on I rode. Before I knew it, I’d decided to circumnavigate my town, and after 55 minutes I had pretty much done that. And it felt fantastic. 

Once home I had a quick search online for a mapping tool, and thanks to Dave Gorman found, which seems pretty straightforward to use, and tells my that my first proper ride in ages was 10.58 miles.  I tell you what, I’m pretty chuffed with that.

Here’s the map:

Picture 4

And mapmyride even gives you the elevation, so here’s the terrain!

Picture 5

Maybe I’ll get out more often now I remember how much I enjoy it.


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