Dear Yahoo: I am not a spammer

I feel like the little guy about to embark on a battle with a big corporation. It may not be too bad, but I do feel a little daunted. Let me explain: I own the domain name, and use it primarily for email. (There’s a tiny “portal” page at which is the web address I give people, but hardly anything else actually hosted there.)

I’d noticed that occasionally people tell me they’ve not recieved my emails. I couldn’t work out why, but a little digging revealed two things: (a) they were being diverted into a spam folder and (b) it was always people who had yahoo or BT email addresses. So I contacted yahoo. I asked a simple question, I thought: please tell me what it is about my emails that makes your system think of them as spam? Well, of course they won’t answer that directly. I can see why, because a genuine spammer could use that information to get arount their filter.  

But their reply is rather daunting: it’s up to me to demonstrate my non-spamming credentials. Yes, I’ve been sent a vast list of questions about my use of bulk email lists; where I obtain my lists of email addresses from; how often I send bulk emails; what’s my privacy policy and the like. (For the full list  of their questions, see here.) And I guess I have no option but to try to answer their questions to satisfy them that does not send out bulk emails.

Come on, guys. I’m not a company. I’m not a corporation. I’m just little old me, who has a personal domain name for private use. Give me a bit of slack. Please?

Oh, well, I guess I better compose the reply now…


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