An interesting opportunity..?

Those of you who know me in what some people call “real life” will know that I have a reputation for being something of a chocoholic. Enough so that on my 40th birthday several friends clubbed together to get me a six-month membership of the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club, which was a brilliant present that lasted half a year. (And one that I was able to share with my wife, which was a bonus.)

Here's a slightly closer view just to whet your appetite.

When I first got the idea of writing a blog or running a website many years ago, one of my first plans was to do one dedicated to chocolate, but for some reason or another that never happened. Instead I blogged (anonymously) about being an expectant father, and (anoymously again) about being a newly appointed magistrate before starting this blog that started about my beliefs – or rather my doubts – and has now become a random mishmash of anything. But I do read lots of blogs, one of which is the chocolate review site Chocablog.

And today I’ve just read that they’re looking for a couple of new reviewers. Interesting…

 I’ve put my name forward. And I wait with eager anticipation.


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