Men or machines?

I was around in the ’80s when Tik and Tok were doing one of the original robot dances and I loved it. So much so that I tried my best to replicate some of their moves. In fact I won second prize in a dance contest at a local community centre by doing my robot. (Even though I’d left it a bit late: other people were beginning to pick up some breakdancing moves by then.)

A couple of years ago I was looking online for clips of them, and do you know what – compared to what’s around these days they don’t actually seem all that good. But at the time it was new. And wonderful. And I loved it. I think I’ve mentioned that.

I could post a link to those early Tik and Tok routines, but instead I’ll show you these Japanese guys who go by the name of u-min and have taken the art to a whole new level.  Astonishing stuff.


What do *you* think?

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