In praise of Safestyle UK: part II.

Back in February I wrote about our very positive experience of having double glazing fitted by with Safestyle UK. I ended by saying that time will tell about their after-care service, so here’s an update.

The front door lock started to get stiff. Then very stiff. Then you needed two hands to lock and unlock it. Hmm, best give them a ring, I thought.

First time I rang they could only offer me one date, and it was when we were away, so I had to decline it. I agreed to ring them back a couple of weeks later. But you’ll never guess what happened: they rang me back a couple of weeks later, and a new date was set up.

And last week an engineer turned up and had the door off and back on again before 8:30 in the morning. (It had dropped a little on its hinges.)  

So I’m very pleased to say that we’re still impressed with the company. The only small issue was that getting a mutual date forthe visit wasn’t all that easy, but I’ll not bemoan that when the job was done so quickly and efficiently.

Thanks again, Safestyle.


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