What is your religion?

Just had to fill in a form about civil service training, and – as usual these days – there was the “a bit about you” section. Brushing aside the sad fact that I’ve moved up a box in the age categories recently, I was amused to see the following qualification in the religion question:

Q37. What is your religion, even if you are not currently practising?

Which very neatly allowed me to tick the ‘Christian’ box without to much trouble.

In case you were wondering, here’s the list of options: 

  • Christian (including Church of England, Catholic, Protestant and all other Christian denominations)
  • Buddhist
  • Hindu
  • Jewish
  • Muslim
  • Sikh
  • Other(Specify)
  • No religion
  • Prefer not to say

2 thoughts on “What is your religion?

  1. Gordon Balfour Haynes

    Given that the UK is at least as deeply into political correctness as is Oz, I’m amazed that any employer — especially a public one — or any other organisation, for that matter, is even allowed to ask that question!

    In Oz such a question from prospective employers, trainers, etc. is illegal (although if applying to teach at a church school one is often expected to subscribe to that church’s particular mythology).

    And, Ghostwriter: If your god is omnipotent, why does he/she/it need anyone to stand up for him/her/it?B it lame, really.


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