Stevenage robot stickers have returned.

A few years ago, a series of robot stickers appeared around Stevenage.

This robot appeared all over Stevenage a few years ago. He appears to have returned recently.

Most of the originals are now faded or gone, and I’ve kept my eyes out for any new ones, but assumed that their creator had moved on, or got fed up. This weekend I spotted some new ones – like the one pictured above. And when I went for a walk on Wednesday I spotted some new designs featuring the robot, too.

Stevenage Sticker Boys. Your stickers are peeling off already.

Charlie says make stickers for fun

Danger 415 Volts. The robots will cope, I'm sure.

I always enjoyed spotting him around town before; now I’ll look forward to seeing what else appears.


3 thoughts on “Stevenage robot stickers have returned.

  1. Hugh Madgin

    During the heyday of the stickers in about 2004/05, I did see a young lad about 20 walking past the chequers with a T shirt bearing the robot logo. I pointed to the robot and said to him ‘It’s you isn’t it?’ He looked a bit embarrassed, so I said ‘keep it up if it is you’ and carried on. The stickers did seem to be most prolific on the route from the New Town to the High Street.

    In a similar vein, there was a rash of stencils of a smiling man smoking a pipe around the town a few years before. I noticed yesterday that one of these can still be seen on the south wall of 129 High Street (Mather Marshall). What were these all about?

  2. Mr Robot

    Ha ha i remember that guy stopping me in the street, to be honest i was a little worried that you may work for the graffiti squad or something so i didnt really know how to answer.

    Made me feel good to realise someone noticed though.

    Plenty of fun stuff to come so keep your eyes on the streets


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