Never been a creationist.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I was “sure” I’ve never been an “out-and-out creationist”. 

Just to clarify, I can now say more than “sure”. I am now absolutely, 100% certain that I have never been one. Why so sure this morning? Because a friend sent me a link to this write-up about a creationist museum and I feel the overwhelming need to immediately distance myself from such twaddle.  People believe that…?!

If you have a look, it’s definitely worth taking the time to peruse all brilliantly annotated photos while you’re at it.


4 thoughts on “Never been a creationist.

  1. myfavouritesweets

    I hadn’t seen this post before. I had lunch with Barbara White the other day and she mentioned how she was concerned you might be losing your faith, so I just had a look at related articles!


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