In praise of Safestyle UK.

We have new double glazing. As with any big job in the house, we were nervous about how it would go, especially as just after signing up with Safestyle UK to do the job I made the mistake of googling “safestyle reviews” and was faced with countless people who’d had terrible experiences of shoddy workmanship, long delays and no customer service. The reviews here seem pretty typical of what I found. And so, of course, we worried.

I am very pleases to report that our experience has been very different from those unfortunate people. The salesman was fine, and turned up when he said he would. (Yes, of course he used many sales techniques straight from the text book, including phoning “his boss” to “see if he could get us a better quote”, but he was in no way pushy or bossy). And we were surprised how quickly they said they’d be able to fit us in. A two day-job, arranged for less than three weeks after the salesman’s visit seemed excellent, and so we signed. The surveyor turned up a couple of days later, again at the agreed time, to take the more detailed measurements, and he too was a pleasure to deal with.

And then last Thursday the fitters arrived; two vans each containing two guys all of whom were friendly and efficient workers. Having read the reviews I mentioned above, I’d taken photos of every corner of every window so we could prove the state of decoration before fitting in case we had any complaints or disputes with them – but I needn’t have bothered. The whole house was re-glazed, including a front door, french doors to the sitting room, and eight window units, in one day, with no damage whatsoever and virtually no mess. 

Safestyle UK fitters in action.

As I said the windows were fitted only last Thursday, so I guess there is always the possibility of problems developing as things settle (a few of the negative reviewers did mention cracks appearing after the installation took place) but our experience so far has been nothing but positive, and I hold out good hope that if anything were to go wrong they would be just as efficient in sorting it out as they were doing the job in the first place. Time will tell.


3 thoughts on “In praise of Safestyle UK.

  1. Christopher Mitchell

    SafeStyle certainly have NOT cleaned up their act. They fitted windows and doors in 2014 and have come to do repairs every year since!….Just like their customer service dept, they are rubbish!!


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