And now, a word from Stephen Fry.

One of the things that seems to be a common theme among believers who start to question their faith is the realisation that we look at what others believe and think, “what a load of nonsense”, then look at what we believe and start to wonder why it’s any different. Certainly that’s a line of questioning I’ve been looking at. Richard Dawkins has an excellent bullet-point summary of what Christians believe in his God Delusion, and if you read it and try to imagine how it looks to a non-believer you’d think “how on earth could anyone believe that?”.  (I’d like to quote that section here but I seem to have lent my copy to someone and I can’t remember who.)

I was reminded of it when reading Stephen Fry’s account of his tour of America. I’ve reached his vist to Salem, where he’s talking to Laurie Cabot, High Priestess and “Official Witch of Massachusetts”. She mentions that Christians have gone from persucuting witches to scorning them for their superstition.

Stephen Fry’s comment: 

“I murmur sympathy, which is genuine. To me, all religions are equally nonsensical and the idea that Christians, with their particular invisible friends, virgin births, immaculate conceptions and bread turning into flesh, could have the cheek to mock people like Laurie for being ‘superstitious’ is appalling humbug.” 
(Stephen Fry in America, p.34) 


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