A Christian Facebook? Why?

Can you imagine my delight when I received this invitation this morning?

Special Invite to join the first Facebook Alternative for Christians 
Get in early! Sign up today! 


Friends + Faith = Fellowship 

Part of the CTV Network http://www.christian.tv

“FaithOut” appears to be an utter rip of of facebook; I had a look at the screenshots (like this, for example) on the site and they seem to have copied every little thing. But my question is: Why? Why? Why does such a thing exist?

One thing I’ve never understood is the desire by some parts of the church to cut themselves off completely from the world. To only seek medical advice from a Christian Doctor, for example. (Steve Taylor summed it up in a song back in the early 80s – when I was listening to Christian music – in the line “you’ll only drink milk from a Christian Cow”.) 

And in this case, why not just encourage Christians who want to use a social networking site to use an existing one, where hopefully they can be a positive influence and reach out to their friends from all areas. That’s supposed to be the idea, isn’t it? 

One good thing: I was impressed that my email programme marked the invitation as spam. Good job!


One thought on “A Christian Facebook? Why?

  1. Daniel B.

    I just got the e-mail as well, marked as spam. I agree with you that it is a rip-off of facebook just like mychurch was a rip off of myspace. I am a Christian and a youth minister and have not signed up for either, nor would I expect my youth to. A few months after I started at my church I put up a Youth site on myspace so that youth could go there and see updates. To my surprise I was asked to take it down, for reasons of privacy for the youth (though only friends could see the page) to myspace account not being “above reproach” and not a good witness of our church with the links/ads myspace has/had. I was sad that I spent so long making it and changing things only to be told to delete it all. It was better to do it not to cause disunity among people in my church over it but problems like that just irritate me and seem like distractions from what Christians are trying to do, distractions others see and find so stupid it turns people away from the faith instead of inviting them into it… and I think that is what FaithOut does – it makes us more exclusive instead of inviting like I believe Jesus wants the church to believe

    I know you do not believe but I just wanted to share my viewpoint as a Christian who gets annoyed at things like this as well.


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