There’s probably no bus.

I was sent this today, and it made me chuckle:


 (Update: I should point out that I have no idea where this came from originally. I claim no creative input! If you made this image and happen to see it here, please let me know and I’ll credit you accordingly.)

(Further update! 29 January 2009: I’ve now been approached by the creator of this, who’s asked me to replace the version I had with this one which has his watermark on the bottom. Thanks, Hedgehog from Hell. Loving your work!)

(Yet another update and an apology – 30 January 2009: If you saw this site this evening you may have had the misfortune to see a truly repulsive image that I would not have wanted anyone to see. The guy who’d made the bus stop image had his reasons for changing the picture and hadn’t realised I’d linked directly to it. Entirely outside of my control, but my apologies none the less to anyone who saw it.)


6 thoughts on “There’s probably no bus.

  1. Dr. Chalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    It was made by user, The Hedgehog From Hell. Quite why whoever sent it to you cut Hedgehog’s watermark off the bottom is a mystery.

  2. Trevor Post author

    Thanks Dr. Chalkwitheringlicktacklefeff . Hedgehog from Hell has also been in touch. I’ve replaced the image with his full one (including watermark).

  3. Mark

    The thieving Daily Mail were the reason that the image was replaced by the goatse picture. A salutory lesson in hotlinking methinks.

  4. Trevor Post author

    Yes, Hedgehog from Hell explained the reasons, and I learned a lesson (although I’m not aware that anyone saw it on here). At least I hope they didn’t, especially not with “I was sent this today, and it made me chuckle” as my introduction!

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  6. jugglinbob

    LOL! and I hate that term. But I did! As soon as I saw that it was a b3ta member’s pic I KNEW exactly what had happened, and the image you subjected your poor innocent readers to! It was an ongoing problem the the Daily Fail at the time so I can see where Hedgehog was coming from! (Unlike the image where I could see clearly where he was going from…)


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