A new start…?

Take a look at my previous post. Do I, or do I not, say that I’m going to post here more often this year? Hmm.  Not going very well, is it?

I do have a few ideas for subjects to post about. I want to say something about photography, and my increased use of Flickr to publish snaps of things I see. I’m quite tempted to write a review of my new phone. There’s always the option of saying something about what it feels like to turn forty (which I did on the first of January). And of course I really do need to catch up with my thoughts about God, which are, after all, the original purpose of this blog.

So why do I not just do it? It’s not as if I never get the opportunity; I spent an awful amount of time online: reading other blogs, mooching around on Facebook and Flickr, idly browsing YouTube.  And I often have ideas and thoughts that I think I could/should blog about, but the moment passes, another evening flies by, and it gets forgotten. I can post here from work, even (at lunchtime, of course, as I am now) so there’s really little excuse except my laziness.

So – I’ll refine my “resolution”. Rather than just a vague “try to post here more often”, I’ll aim for “post here from work at lunchtime every time I’m in the office”. (Which is three days a week.)

Let’s see how that goes.

What do *you* think?

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