An Evil God?

I’ve been reading this blog for some time now, and  the writer’s recently done a series entitled “An Evil God?” Here’s a link to the latest post in the series. 

As I read much of his blog – and this post is no exception – I really do find myself thinking that I can find no objection to what he’s written. Read it. Go on, read it. And come back here and explain to me why I should believe what I claim to believe. Or, at least, what I used to claim to believe.

Have you noticed I’m really not sure at  the moment?


3 thoughts on “An Evil God?

  1. andy goodliff

    That’s one way of interpreting Gen 3 – and i admit a common evangelical way, but there are better and different ways … personally i think we load a lot into Gen 3 in the same way that we load a lot on something like Matt 28 – ‘the great commission’ – there are lots of way of speaking about sin and evil.


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