“There’s probably no God”

Back on Facebook, but I’m glad I am because a friend has just sent me a link to this story that I might not have seen otherwise.


One thought on ““There’s probably no God”

  1. Clark Bunch

    “There’s probably no God” is a much weaker statement than Christians recite in the Apostle’s Creed. I’ve never read a hymn nor listen to a street preacher shout that there probably is a God. I’m surprised Richard Dawkins would settle for such a mixed message that even allows the possibility God might exist. It’s almost not even worth being offended over. I wouldn’t mind atheists so much if they were all this soft. I bet some good Christians have even entertained this notion at one time or another.

    My response:

    Well, if I count as a “good Christian” then you’re quite right. The whole point of this blog is me “entertaining this notion”.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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