Facebook break: so far, so good.

It’s now been five whole days since I’ve looked at Facebook or updated my status. The first couple of days I was absolutely itching to sneak a peak. That burning desire has faded a little, but I’m still dead curious to see what everyone’s been up to and what sort of response my absence has provoked if any. (I’m imagining a couple of sarky comments about whether I’ll actually manage to keep off it for the week, as I know I’ve got a bit of a reputation for being on there all the time.)  I do update my status far more often than anyone else I know on there. And indeed the instinct to whip out my mobile and send off an update by text has been hard to resist. I’ve also missed getting texts with other people’s statuses on. (I get very few texts from anywhere else so updates are a welcome distraction!)

But I was thinking about it on the way home from work today: has the absence of people’s statuses, and not seeing what others are saying about each other, actually made any difference to my day to day life. No, of course it bloody well hasn’t. But even so I’m not intending to extend my break, because I do enjoy what I see and do on Facebook. My “friends” on there are are a mixture of people: those I have little real life contact with and know only vaguely, those I once knew quite well and had lost touch with, and many who I see on pretty much a weekly basis. And what I love is simply seeing little glimpses into their lives that I can’t imagine knowing for any other reason – and likewise sharing little glimpses of my life with them. It is sociable, and friendly, and I like it.

So, on balance – I’ve missed it this week so far, and am looking forward to logging back on on Saturday to catch up. I will try to be on there just a little less from now on though!

What do *you* think?

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