Church website: the way forward

I mention somewhere on here that I maintain our church website. Way back in the beginning I taught enough HTML to code the first version of the site by hand and eventually got hold of a copy of Dreamweaver to do subsequent versions.

But for quite a while now the site has been in need of an overhaul, and I’ve felt my web authoring knowlege too out of date to do much about it. It’s also always been entirely dependent on me and me alone to update the site and I’ve not lately been very good at keeping up to date. So last night I finally met up with a couple of others from church: one of the church leaders who overseas various aspects of the church’s communication and another member who runs his own web-hosting company and is generally pretty up to date with all things internet. And what we came up with for a way forward (well, what our technical chap came up with and we agreed) was to rebuild the site from scratch using Joomla. He’s started putting together a basic template and is going to import content from the current site to get us up and running, I’m going to learn how to use it along the way, and we’re going to give a variety of people access to keep different areas of the site up to date. We’ve already got a couple of other keep helpers lined up for when we’re ready to use them.

But while we’re doing this we’re trying to re-think a few aspects of what we need on the site and what’s just a waste of space. What could be improved, and what is missing. So if anyone out there reads this and wants to make any suggestions, do feel free to pop over to the current site and let me know.


What do *you* think?

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