A facebook break (and a bit about God)

I’ve just embarked on a week’s self imposed break from Facebook. I’m not going to say I had got addicted, because I’m sure that’s too strong a word, but I was on the site an awful lot, and lets face it most of that time was time that could have been spent better elsewhere. I guess I could have just decided to cut the time down but last night I made a fairly spur-of-the-moment decision to simply go cold turkey for a whole week, just to prove to myself (and my wife!) that I could. So, I updated my status (“Trevor is taking a week off Facebook. See you next Saturday”), and switched off all email and text notifications. I’ve been itching to take a peek all day to see if my status has provoked any comments, but have managed to resist so far! One real-life friend has told me by text that there are a few comments already – which made me want to look even more, but still I resisted.

One of the many things that have taken a back seat to Facebooking is blogging. Both this blog and our family blog have been much neglected and I know I do have occasional readers on both for some reason or another, so I’m sorry if I’ve kept anyone waiting. I’ll aim to use a little of the time I save by not using facebook to post here every day for the next week, and on the other blog at least a couple of times.

So anyway, where was I? Oh, yes… I was wondering whether there’s a God or not.

I met up with my minister for a coffee on Thursday. (He paid. Thanks, Dave.) I’d wanted to catch up with him for a while to ask about one thing in particular: the appropriateness of me taking an active part in the Sunday services (I play drums in the worship band) when I really can’t honestly say that I believe in God at the moment. The question was triggered by my wife asking me whether I thought it was appropriate. I’m happy with it, and don’t see it as a problem, and I was pretty sure Dave would be happy too, so I’m very glad to confirm that he did indeed confirm this.

Of course we also talked on wider issues of belief and doubt while we were there, and it was a productive and thought-provoking discussion. For one thing, I’m also glad to report that my minister doesn’t believe in a God who chooses to guide one car away from a multiple pile-up for reasons of his own choosing. (See my last post for context.) I still haven’t fully got my mind around what type of God he does believe in, but the key issue seems to be about relationship. I’ll try to explain what I think he means in my next post. And then maybe he can put me right.


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