Mast. Colours. Nail.

After all this dithering around and being undecided about what I believe and what I don’t, I was interested to find myself put on the spot recently. Looking back, it’s a very minor ‘spot’ on which I found myself, but none the less I find it (slightly) significant.

There’s a small group of Christians in the office where I work who’ve met under the imaginative name of “The Christian Fellowship” for nearly 30 years. I’ve been involved with the group for most of my time here. The group has changed over time: we used to have programmes of Bible studies and occasional prayer meetings; this slowly became the other way around and over recent years we started to go out for lunches, too. Last year one of  the key members retired and since then the group has been in a state of flux, not knowing quite what we’re planning to do. (There are only half a dozen of us in the group now.)

Anyway, on Monday we met up and agreed that we want to continue to meet, with the focus being prayer. We’ll still meet socially occasionally, and may reinstate the occasional bible study, but the “default” meeting will be for prayer. Alongside this discussion we talked about publicity for the group. We’ve occasionally had a little notice in the office magazine and we do have a page on our intranet. Well, there’s always been a name or two to contact for more info, and one of our members made a suggestion: why not have all of our names on the publicity? Inside, my immediate reaction was no thank you. I’m happy to be part of the group, but not quite so publicly thank you very much. But do you know what? It took only a moment’s thought to come round to “yes”. And so now, anyone looking at the intranet page or seeing the next mention of the group in the office magazine will see me listed as a member of the Christian Fellowship.

So there you have it. Okay, so it’s a very short mast, which will be seen by very few, but my colours are officially nailed to it.

None of this makes any difference to whether I actually believe any of this stuff, mind you.


What do *you* think?

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