More on the Real Me

Having started to think about all the different versions of “me“, I tried to think about how to work out whether there was a real me somewhere buried in among them all. If there is, how do I find him?

I tried to think about where I felt most relaxed, thinking that might be a clue as to which me is most real, and was rather surprised to conclude that I’m actually pretty relaxed when I’m at work. So is the “me at work” I mentioned before closest to the real me?  Maybe. 

All I’m doing now is trying to allow myself to simply be a bit more relaxed wherever I am, to encourage the real me out to the surface. I think he’s buried. That might mean that bits of me that some people haven’t seen much might start to come out in unexpected places, but that’s surely a good thing. Unless it’s a bad thing.


What do *you* think?

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