Mad, Bad, or God? Or something else?

Was Jesus Mad, Bad, or God?

Why do I ask?

Well, there’s a common attempt to explain the fact that Jesus must be God because the only alternatives – that he was mad, deluding himself, or bad, deluding others, don’t quite fit with what we know of him. I think the idea originally comes from CS Lewis. As I’ve heard it explained, “don’t try to tell me that Jesus was ‘just a good man’. He hasn’t left that option open to us.”

But surely there is another option. How do we know that Jesus has not simply been misrepresented? Misquoted? Had words put in his mouth (and actions to his hands) by later commentators?

In other words, to what extent can we trust scripture to be a true and full record of what Jesus said and did?


One thought on “Mad, Bad, or God? Or something else?

  1. Robert

    I have asked myself the same questions as have countless others who actually spent time reading the works called the bible. The books they didn’t include, such as the Gospel of Thomas etc, paint a slightly different picture.

    No one knows what was said. The earliest known writings were years after his death. It doesn’t appear that there were people about with notepad and pen or a tape recorder in those days.

    I read more than one Jesus in the Gospels. I read a man who thought as we and questioned the religious practices of the time and proposed a common sense alternative eliminating the middle man.

    The Gospel of John is the most out there, almost as if the writer was stoned or writing a fairy tale for children.

    I would think God would understand our questioning and be disappointed if we didn’t question.


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