It’s been a few weeks now since I transferred this blog here to from its former home of So what’s the difference?

Well, overall,  I’m preferring it here at WordPress.  The interface is somehow neater, and I like the very much greater control over the comments system. And the built-in stats are very useful. I was impressed by the way WordPress managed to import all my posts and comments from Blogger when I made the switch, too. I’ve a feeling that wouldn’t have been possible the other way around.

But there are a couple of things I do miss from Blogger… doesn’t allow you to use javascript in the sidebar. Now, I wouldn’t have known that Blogger did allow that, but when I went to use a couple of bits of third-party code I’d used fine over there I found they wouldn’t work over here. Hey, I didn’t even know they were Javascript, so it took me a while to discover why they woudn’t work in WordPress. (And I still don’t understand why Wordpress doesn’t allow them. They didn’t seem to cause any problem over at Blogger.) 

The other thing I liked at blogger was the option to display your archive in a hierarchical structure, which isn’t available over here. (You can see what I mean on my family blog, Which Way’s Up, which is still at blogger.)


What do *you* think?

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