Twitter ye not

I saw Twitter mentioned on someone else’s blog. I’d heard vaguely of it, but this guy’s recommendation made it sound quite fun, so I signed up.

Twitter logo

Like other sites I use (Facebook and Flickr), Twitter lets you upload your address book so it can look to see if any of your contacts are signed up, so I did. And you know what? Of my 300 or so contacts, not a single one was found.

Seems Twitter won’t be much fun for me, then.

Update: I have now discovered that I can have my Facebook status updated from my Twitter status, which is handy as I’d not been able to update Facebook by text message, but I can update Twitter that way. So maybe it will be a handy tool after all. Hoorah!


2 thoughts on “Twitter ye not

  1. Lyrically Me

    Very few of my friends are on Twitter – but I use it to follow our local news, my favorite hockey team, and my presidential candidate of choice. So, I’m loving it.


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