Open Office

Our iBook had got a bit crowded, and still had some software on that we’d never used which we were sure was slowing it down and clogging things up, so I recently did a complete erase and re-install of the system software. I never did get around to re-installing Office, and I’m not inclined to, as we’re pretty sure that the only times our Macs ever crash is when they’re running Microsoft software.

I’d heard of Open Office, but didn’t know anyone who used it until some friends who were here at the weekend mentioned that they’ve used it exclusively for a couple of years without any problems. I like the sound of that.

Perhaps I should try it out here on the iBook. If it’s as good as they say it is, I might think about putting on the iMac, too. Then we could finally be rid of Microsoft for good!

It’s downloading as I type…

Open Office logo


2 thoughts on “Open Office

  1. Stephen

    As the main family computer runs Linux, by default our main office suite is Open Office. The kids use it for homework, and I use it for work.

    I was on a training course recently where the trainer´s laptop was the new Asus Eee PC, which runs Linux. The training course presentation was done using Open Office, running flawlessly a presentation originally written using Microsoft Powerpoint,

    Version 3 is presently at the Beta Testing stage. The software will tell you itself when a newer stable version has been released. I believe version 3 has native support for OSX, rather than using X11.


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